People are searching for a church home, and worship is a deciding factor.

Choosing a team member to help craft your church's worship experience can make all the difference for your church's long-term health and growth.
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Say worship is a significant reason they attend a church. 1
The culture of worship your church creates makes a difference in whether someone decides to keep coming back. Finding the right team member to help set that tone and culture is vital to the  life of your church. 
Hire for Worship Ministry
Most people decide if they'll come back within...
minutes 1
Before they've heard a minute of the message, most of your guests will have made up their minds based on their first few minutes of the service. How will you help shape their experience in worship?
Hire for Worship Ministry
Worship is the #1 deciding factor for who stays or leaves within the first...
months 1
Hiring a worship leader who creates an excellent, consistent experience for volunteers, congregation, and guests will ultimately increase your church attendance and engagement over time.
Hire for Worship Ministry

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