Froot Group exists for people like You.

Your church search team is here

We want to see churches hire better, staff stay longer, and ministry teams happier together.

Our story is pretty simple: We started Froot Group because we saw a need for the right ministry candidates and churches to find each other.

Froot Group began because we saw the struggle to find a good ministry fit.

We found there are plenty of capable, qualified ministry candidates and many amazing churches who would love to hire them. The problem? It's not always easy to find each other!

We realized Not all church staffing companies are created equal.

There are a number of church job boards and large staffing companies, but many of them are geared toward  megachurches. Not many offered the kind of personalized experience to help churches (of any size) and candidates match with each other. We thought, "We can change this!"

We're out to make church staffing and job searching better, because we all rest easier at night knowing you made a good decision.

We know from experience that hiring or accepting a job offer with a church isn't always an easy decision. By working with Froot Group, you can know you've considered all the important details, then make a confident decision.