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Ministry Coaching

You can help guide your team out of a creative rut.

It's completely normal to feel a little stuck with ministry. We can provide guidance to help take your ministry to the next level. Whether it's worship ministry, family ministry (or anything in between!), we'd love to help with providing some creative ideas to get you back on track. Don't let the feeling of frustration over lack of ideas, equipment, or leadership prevent you from moving forward—we can help!
Here's what you'll get:
A weekday or weekend visit from us to provide a set of fresh eyes on your ministry.
 A detailed, personalized report with recommendations for training and ministry development.
A step-by-step strategy to solve 1-3 key issues/problems within your ministry.
Personal coaching for your team as you work through the steps of your strategy.
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We'll help you Give your guests every reason to come back.

Guests decide if they will return to your church within the first 1-7 minutes after arriving. What’s your strategy for making those moments memorable? Let us help you create an amazing first impression!
Here's what you'll get:
A weekend visit from us to provide a set of fresh eyes on your worship experience.
A detailed and personalized strategic plan, including opportunities for growth. 
Specific action steps for how to set up—down to how to train your volunteers.
A series of online and onsite training sessions for you and your team to help implement your plan.
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Guest Experience Coaching

We're excited to meet your team.

Schedule a consultation, and get the guidance you need to take your creative or guest experience to the next level.. 
Coaching & Consultation
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Where are you feeling stuck? What makes you say, "If I could just solve 'x', our ministry could grow"? How would easing those problems affect your team?
Once we receive your information, we’ll contact you within 24-48 business hours to provide you with more information and direct you to the next step. We look forward to working with you and cannot wait to see what God has in store for your ministry!