Columbus, OH

Quick Facts

Church Attendance: 600

Worship Style: Modern

Affiliation: Non-Denominational


``Changing the world by changing lives!`` Sycamore Creek is about changed lives. We firmly believe that a real encounter with God changes not only our reality but also our eternity. That's why we seek to use all our time and resources to create an environment where people discover Jesus for the first time or reconnect with God independently where they are in their faith walk. Each ministry, event, idea, heart, and mind is focused on the mission of faithfully making Jesus know, because he is the one who can change lives forever.

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Sycamore Creek

Welcoming, friendly, and modern.0%

Engaging worship that is distraction-free and inviting.0%

Heavily focused on community outreach.0%

Sycamore Creek Church is a church located on the outskirts of Columbus, OH in a suburb called Pickerington, OH. Sycamore Creek is non-denominational but southern baptist in doctrine. The church is led by Lead Pastor Steve Markle, who has been the Lead Pastor at Sycamore for 12 years. The church offers two identical services on Sunday mornings at 9:30a and 11:00a and sees an average of 600 in attendance. They have a relevant and modern worship style with a high value on congregational participation, production, worship team culture, and of course giving glory and praise to God in everything they do.


Sycamore Creek is known for their focus on family ministries. The church is located right behind one of the several high schools in Pickerington, and draws a lot of families between the ages of 30 – 50 with young children. The church has a track record of steady growth and is primed for even more growth with the economical growth that Columbus continues to bring. Sycamore Creek desires to continue to prepare the fields for the upcoming harvest, and is excited to add to their staff in this season of growth.


The church is seeking the right candidate to take over as the new Worship Pastor to oversee their worship ministry. The right candidate will have a deep personal life in Christ and the character and capacity that align with the church’s overall mission and vision. Below are the qualifications and responsibilities Froot Group and the church have identified for this role:


  • Oversee the planning and execution of any and all worship services.
  • Oversee and lead weekly rehearsals to prepare for Sunday services.
  • Meet with individual musicians and vocalists during the week as needed for instruction or practice.
  • Manage Planning Center Online and weekly scheduling of songs, musicians, and service elements.
  • Plan and coordinate ministry vision and direction.
  • Assist in planning special events (Good Friday, Easter, Worship nights, etc.)
  • Attend weekly creative meetings to discuss future planning of projects.
  • Manage the church’s jointly used spaces such as the green room and sound booth.
  • Recruit, develop, and disciple volunteers while raising up leaders.
  • Provide support for the Student Ministry Worship Team.


  • A strong disciple of Christ that has a desire to make disciples.
  • A visionary leader that can cast, communicate, and execute a strong vision for the worship ministry that coincides with the church’s vision. 
  • A creative that desires to think outside of the box and help other people do the same through creative elements within the time of corporate worship. 
  • A team player that has a high desire to be in a collaborative work environment. 
  • Strong relational skills to establish and maintain relationships within the staff and the volunteer team. 
  • Advanced musical skill both vocally and instrumentally. 
    • High level of vocal competency
    • Able to play at least one instrument, preferably guitar or keys.
  • Education
    • A bachelor’s degree is preferred, though not required.
  • Experience
    • At least 2 years of worship leading experience previously at a church of similar size and style is ideal.


Reports to: Lead Pastor

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  1. Here In Your House (Gateway)

  2. My Testimony (Elevation)

  3. Goodness of God (Church of the City)

  4. Same God (Elevation)

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