Hi, I’m Matt Heisele.

Franklin, IN

Phone Number

(317) 658-8015


[email protected]


Grace Assembly of God
Elementary Director/Children’s Ministry Assistant


Ivy Tech College
Associates Liberal Arts
Credentialed Minister through the Assemblies of God

Church Affiliation

Assemblies of God (AG)

Years In Ministry

8 years




Recruiting and building leaders, drama, puppets, delegating, teaching.preaching, trained in ESL, ASL, and special needs students, social media, building teams, coordinating large events

Tools & Software

Microsoft Office Suite, Planning Center Online, ProPresenter, Text-In-Church


Wife - Megan, married for 2 years

Top 3 Strengths




Kid's Pastor Questionnaire Responses
Personal Info
Please share briefly how you became a Christian.
I grew up in church most of my life but never felt connected or it was just a religious duty. However, when I was late in high school, I found a church family and a place where people were real. It was there that I gave my heart fully to Jesus and wanted to tell others how he changed my life.
How would you describe yourself?
  • Fun
  • Motivational
  • Flexible
  • Loving
  • Organized
Personality Type
Tell me about some people (i.e. authors, mentors, and ministry leaders) that have had a big impact on you.
Andy Stanley and Francis Chan have been great inspirational authors that I have read. They’re able to communicate in a clear and real way that helps you understand scripture better. Chris Hodges is another leader who has helped me in how to create a culture of growth and opportunity in your church.
How do you plan to engage and inform parents or guardians about your ministry objectives and progress?
Constant communication with parents. For example: monthly newsletter of events and teachings, weekly resources to help parents engage in their child’s spiritual growth, and a parent board that we interact ideas and vision to. Team communication is weekly with meetings and emails. We constantly reiterate the vision and do everything that supports that vision.
Tell me about a time when you developed a new team of volunteers into a strong working group. What did you do?
I first built relationships through conversations either in person on a Sunday morning or during a small group time. I then talk to each individual member about what they feel God has called them to and what their passions are. Next, we utilize them into an area where their passion lies so they feel purposed. I then challenge them to step outside of their comfort zone to try something new. All throughout this time, we provide constant feedback, encouragement, and friendship as we serve and do life together.
How would you alleviate the confusion when you are communicating with volunteers and it becomes apparent that they don’t understand what you’re saying or vice versa?
I would continue to find ways to best communicate with them by asking questions and rephrasing to help best that person.
Spiritual Growth
Once you lead a student/child to Christ, how do you communicate their decision to their parents? Once a child accepts Christ as their Savior, how do you begin discipling them?
We send a postcard to the family and begin discipling them with next steps. 3 months after dedicating their life, we talk to parents about baptism. We continue to teach the child how to worship, pray, and talk to others about Jesus. We also provide them opportunity to serve in smaller capacities.
As the spiritual leader of the children’s ministry, how are you going to help volunteers grow in their faith?
I believe in worship one, serve one. It’s easy to get burnt out in ministry but you can’t pour into someone’s life if you’re not getting poured into. Regularly attended worship services are vital to keep strong in faith. Also encouraging volunteers to be a part of a small group.
Ministry Growth
What is your philosophy of ministry?
I believe a successful kids ministry is where kids know God in a real way. That every parent feels resourced and equipped to speak into their child’s spiritual development. Finally, that every volunteer feels connected, excited, and purposed.
What was the most creative idea you introduced in your last ministry role? What steps did you take to implement that idea with leadership, volunteers, and families if applicable?
We delivered paper butterflies with a message from us on it and a lollipop to our students during our long quarantine time. We delivered to over 2oo homes in one day to let families know we love them and can’t wait to see them soon.
How would you evaluate systems and structures to see if there could be improvement?
I start from looking at a first time guest perspective, Then look from a consistent parent perspective. Then from a volunteer perspective. We start from the smallest of details from Check in to the bigger details on service structure.
Share with me what you would do to deal with a fast-paced, always changing environment. Have you had this experience in a previous position?
Absolutely. The only thing consistent is change. Things always change and always move so the best we can do is be flexible at all times and allow God to lead.
What goals have you set in the past for your ministry area. Did you accomplish them and if so, how did you accomplish them?
My goal is always to raise up leaders and volunteers. We always increase our volunteer base by at least 50% by creating and keeping consistent relationships.
What would it take to grow a kid’s ministry program?
It takes a team that’s passionate about teaching kids who God is in a real way. If we provided kids an opportunity to know God, and help parents to resource their kids throughout the week, and finally build a volunteer base that is passionate and purposed, a kids ministry area will automatically grow if you hit those core fundamentals.
Your members/guests and their families come to church with specialized needs, different learning styles, and family stresses. Do you have a strategy to provide significant ministry to meet these needs?
My wife is trained in ESL, ASL and special needs care. She works alongside parents to help their kids have the best worship experience they can have. She then trains volunteers on how to properly handle or address certain issue if they arise.
Describe the diversity of some of the ministries with which you’ve worked. How did you go about learning and educating yourself in order to effectively reach your community?
Indianapolis area has become very diverse with many latino families, Chin community families, and Sik families. The only way to learn is to serve the community. The more you serve the community and love on the people there, the more opportunities open to reach them in new ways.
Is there a process that you go through when choosing a platform for screening volunteers, curriculum choices?
I like to have thorough background checks done to give parents a peace of mind when they drop their child off for service. Curriculum is always based on what works best for kids and parents (meaning it can cater, minister, and resource both).
What have you done in the past to ensure your church has a safe environment, including emergency procedures.
We outline detail emergency procedures and provide them in every classroom. All volunteers are trained on the procedures if one were to arise.
How would you describe the ideal relationship between senior/lead pastor and kids pastor?
The ideal relationship is working together so that the kids pastor can fulfill his/her mission for the church that God has gave them. In turn, the lead pastor would pour into the kids pastors life by helping them grow in their leadership and walk with God.


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Favorite Bible Story

Moses and the Exodus out of Egypt

Favorite Scripture

Philippians 4:13