Delaware, OH

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Church Attendance: 3,500

Music Style: Contemporary

Affiliation: Southern Baptist


``To draw life from God and point others to Him.``

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Lifepoint Church

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What We're Looking For

Lifepoint is a multi-site church located in central Ohio. Lead Pastor Dean Fulks and a team of core leaders and members planted Lifepoint in 2004, and today the church exists in four different locations—Lewis Center, Delaware, Westerville, and Mt. Vernon. Each campus offers two services at 930a and 11:00a. Both services are identical and offer a modern style of worship.


The Delaware campus started in 2016 with 175 people and today sees around 600 people in attendance each week. Currently, the Delaware campus is looking for a full-time Worship Pastor. Below are some of of the key characteristics this campus is looking for in an ideal candidate and the general responsibilities for the position:


Vision: To foster a church of worshippers who worship in spirit and truth. This person is responsible for the music worship ministry of the church including planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive music and arts ministry.


Position: The Worship Pastor is a full-time position responsible for overseeing the worship and arts ministry of the Delaware campus of Lifepoint Church. 



We value consistent sensitivity to the Triune God and the practice of spiritual disciplines

  • This person is expected to pursue God with all of their might
  • Commitment to a daily devotional time that includes prayer and God’s Word
  • Commitment to seasons of fasting and prayer
  • Commitment to staff community time
  • Commitment to tithing to Lifepoint as a way of modeling biblical stewardship
  • Commitment to attend Weekend Gatherings with family



We value living in community with others and working in teams

  • Commitment to live in community with believers through being a member of a Lifegroup
  • Commitment to be involved in a global missions trip at least once every two years
  • Commitment to entering into and resolving conflict
  • Commitment to creating family margin within ministry



We value a strong work ethic, creativity, professional development, and apprenticing



  • Foster vision with the Teaching Pastor along with the Worship and Arts Team in order to lead a healthy movement of unwavering worship
  • Keep informed on current music, methods, materials, teachings, trends, promotion and administration, utilizing them where appropriate



  • Works to lead all ages of people into living lives of worship for God’s glory
  • Holds individuals, and leaders accountable in their relationships with God
  • Work with worship teams to train them in musical and worshipful cohesiveness
  • Shepherds those who are potential lead worshippers into musical competency
  • Along with the Technical Director/Associate, recruit and equip leaders and volunteers for the various aspect of worship and arts ministry
  • Hosts and conducts musical tryouts



  • Responsible for fostering an environment of reverent yet celebratory worship
  • Direct music groups and congregational singing.
  • Encourage others who are involved in the worship-creative arts ministry to be more proactive in expressing themselves through their creative and spiritual gifts
  • Responsible for setting the standard of intimate worship
  • This person is responsible for setting the tone of a peaceful and worshipful environment on and off stage



  • Coordinate the training and use of instrumentalists and vocalists.
  • Responsible for scheduling people to serve at Worship Gatherings
      • Including photography team for “Going Public” (baptisms) 
  • Prepare songs for recording dates and rehearse the band for those recording dates
  • Responsible for scheduling creative arts meetings 
  • Plan and prepare music, videos, and other creative elements for all worship sets (along with Worship and Arts Team)
  • Responsible for gathering, preparing and scheduling people to serve The Lord’s Supper (work with Connections Team)



  • Write and compose original music with other worshippers and worship teams within our church that ties with church vision and communicates specific messages
  • Work with creative team to come up with a collaboration of different creative elements that will help drive a sermon point or vision point home in a worship service


Reports to: Teaching Pastor

Where to Find Us

  1. Won’t Stop Now (Elevation Worship)

  2. Way Maker (Leeland)

  3. Another in the Fire (Hillsong)

  4. O Praise The Name (Hillsong)

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