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Church Attendance: 300

Kids Ministry Size: 50

Affiliation: Non-Denominational


``Leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.``

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Life City Church

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What We're Looking For

Life City Church is a non-denominational church and affiliate of Life.Church located in Centennial, CO, a suburb of Denver. Life City is led by Lead Pastor Zack Harris, who launched the church in 2016. Pastor Craig Groshel of Life.Church is streamed in on Sundays and serves as the main teaching pastor while Pastor Zack primarily leads the church in vision, direction, and pastoral care. The church currently has two services offered at 9:00a and 10:30a. The two services are identical and offer a modern style of worship. Attendance currently runs around 300 each Sunday for their main worship services. Currently the church is seeing around 50 kids regularly attend their LifeKids ministries on Sundays. 

The church is seeking the right candidate to take over as the new LifeKids Pastor to oversee their children’s ministry. The right candidate will have a deep personal life in Christ and the character and capacity that align with the church’s overall mission and vision. Below are the requirements and responsibilities Froot Group and the church have identified for this role:



  • Oversee the LifeKids ministry of children birth-6th grade.
  • Grow campus attendance by creating and implementing a strategy that draws families into the church through LifeKids ministry.
  • Lead and develop teams and volunteers so that they are operating in their strengths and being most effective in their roles on the LifeKids team.
  • Create a presence of LifeKids ministry in the community.
  • Minister to the families and aid in connecting what happens on the weekend with what happens at home.
  • Be a model for those who attend Life City Church by being an example of personal integrity, discipleship, and evangelism.
  • Attend all weekly staff meetings and events.



  • Strong believer in Christ and spiritually mature.
  • Passionate about sharing LifeKids ministry vision with families in the church, people in the community, and volunteers.
  • Able to build a team that leads and executes LifeKids ministry by inspiring others to serve in LifeKids.
  • Driven to reach kids who do not know Christ by being relevant and providing a great space for them to connect with other kids and leaders.
  • An advocate for connecting with parents and equipping them to be the leader of their child’s spiritual development.
  • A strong communicator who listens well.
  • A proven project manager with strong attention to details and administrative skills.
  • A team player and team builder who focuses on the good of the entire organization.
  • Education 
    • Preferred candidates should have a bachelor’s degree, but not required.
  • Experience
    • Preferred candidates should have between 1 – 2 years of previous kids ministry experience on staff at another church.

Reports to: Lead Pastor

A Little Bit About Us

Pastor Zack:


My wife Nicole and I moved to Denver in 2013 to be the youth pastor at a local church. In February of 2015, we attended a Catalyst One Day event where Pastor Craig Groeschel was teaching on leadership. We both have loved Life.Church and the impact it was having to reach people for Christ, so it was an honor to take a day and learn about leadership from Pastor Craig. After standing in line to get a book signed by Pastor Craig, I stepped away and a woman I had never met approached me. She asked, “Are you a pastor?” I responded, “Yes.” She then smiled and said, “Do you want to start a Life.Church in Denver?” I was a little surprised by her boldness since I had never met her. I politely smiled and asked her name, talked for a couple minutes, and then we went our separate ways. God was up to something that day, but I just didn’t know it at the time.


During that year of 2015, I could tell God was stirring my heart to something. I even applied to work at Life.Church in Oklahoma, but then backed out of the process because I felt called to stay in Denver. I had a phone conversation with a leader Jeff Galley at Life.Church, he told me about the possibility of planting a network church of Life.Church. I had never considered planting a church, so this was a lot to process.


Fast forward to January 2016. Missy Novak, the woman who approached me a year earlier sent me a Facebook message and told me about some couples who had attended Life.Church who now lived in the Denver area. I met with each of them and told them how we were praying about the possibility of planting a network of Life.Church in Denver. Every one of them said they would help us. I was shocked that these people that I had just met were so passionate about seeing a network of Life.Church in the Denver area.


In March of 2016, Nicole and I went to Oklahoma, did a tour of Life.Church, and immediately felt like this is what God had called us to do. I remember hearing Pastor Craig say, “Sometimes to reach your destiny, you have to step away from your security.” At that time we were both working at our church, and decided we were being called to step away and begin the process of planting a church. My wife and I both got different jobs and God began to work miracle after miracle. We hosted vision nights in our basement and people started finding out about the church. We grew an incredible launch team of people passionate about reaching our community for Christ. Our launch team gave $90,000 so we could buy all the portable equipment to launch our church.


In Douglas County over 70% of people don’t go to church and we were so excited to introduce the DNA of Life.Church to south Denver. In our first three years we’ve seen over 100 people surrender their life to Christ and we believe we are just getting started! After averaging 100 people each Sunday in our first year, we now average around 300 people each Sunday. God has done great things! During COVID we were able to find our first permanent space where we have been able to continue to reach our community for Christ.


We have two experiences. 9:00am & 10:30am. Our church started with two experiences because we have built a culture of attending one and serving one. We have 10 values that drive everything we do as a church. https://thelifecity.church/assets/files/thecode1.pdf


Our worship experiences are modeled after Life.Church. We do many of their songs and more current worship songs. Our services last one hour and are as follow
Pre-Service Countdown
Pre-Service Walk In Song-Something current
18 minutes of worship
3 minute stage time
1-1:30 Giving video
35 minute message
1:30 close & dismiss

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