Hi, I’m Jacob Duffin.

Waxahachie, TX

Phone Number

(319) 670-9089


[email protected]


Christian Center Family Church
Youth Pastor


Southwestern Assemblies of God University
B.A Church Leadership

Church Affiliation

Assemblies of God (AG)

Years In Ministry

4 year




Writing Curriculum, Teaching, Mentoring, Biblical Studies, Empathetic, Graphic Design, Event Planning

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Microsoft Office Suite



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Student Pastor Questionnaire Responses
Personal Info
Please share briefly how you became a Christian.
Hello, I’m Jacob Duffin. I was born on November 19 1996 in Keokuk Iowa. From very early on I had a hard life, my father committed suicide when I was 3 months old, both my brothers had asbergers syndrome, and my mother was slightly emotionally abusive in the form of emotional incest due to these stressors. We were always a “Christian” family, we always went to church on Sundays, always went to camp all that stuff. However, church was more of something we did rather than a lifestyle. Starting in middle school I struggled with a lot of depression, anxiety, and anger issues. Leading me down a very dark path. However I had a shift in the Summer between my freshman and sophomore year, I was truly saved and experienced Jesus at a youth conference. Sadly shortly after this I did end up switching churches as I was one of the only students really trying to take Jesus seriously and at that point I needed more peers to support me. Thankfully I found a very good church in town. The pastor was like the father I never had, the youth pastor was the big sister I always wanted, and the worship pastor was the big brother I always wanted. They helped me truly experience the love of Christ and of His Church. My senior year of high school was when I felt the call into ministry. In prayer I felt my heart stirring. God was telling me that as my pastors had done for me I should do for others. So I got a degree in Church Leadership with the desire to become a youth pastor. I am working on an upper level degree to one day teach at the University level. Well that’s my story in a nutshell!
How would you describe yourself?
  • Fun
  • Flexible
  • Loving
Personality Type
  • ENFP or ESFP (N and S is an even split)
  • Enneagram 2W3
  • Life languages primary Responder, secondary contemplator.
Tell me about some people (i.e. authors, mentors, and ministry leaders) that have had a big impact on you.
  • Dr. Garland Owensby; the youth ministry professor at SAGU
  • Pastor Jay Zetterlund; the lead pastor at my church growing up
  • Pastor Alyssa Devericks; The youth pastor at my church growing up.
  • Pastor Wade Deverics; The worship pastor at my church growing up
  • Dr. Peter Reynolds; Bible and Theology professor at SAGU
  • NT Wright: Author/Biblical scholar
How do you plan to engage and inform parents or guardians about your ministry objectives and progress?
Have regular meetings; once a month for youth leaders, 2 times a year for parents along with communicating casually at church and through students.
Tell me about a time when you developed a new team of volunteers into a strong working group. What did you do?
I have not had much experience in developing leaders. I have developed some student ministry policy/procedure manuals but due to my lack of experience, I have not had the chance to implement them to much.
How would you alleviate the confusion when you are communicating with volunteers and it becomes apparent that they don’t understand what you’re saying or vice versa?
I would ask them to explain back to me to the best of their ability to try and find the source of the miscommunication. I would try re-explaining a few times and if it still is not being communicated correctly then I would table the discussion and see if letting it sit for a week or two may make it easier to explain.
Spiritual Growth
Once you lead a student/child to Christ, how do you communicate their decision to their parents? Once a child accepts Christ as their Savior, how do you begin discipling them?
I would send a little packet home with students primarily to help them with their discipleship but also including something in there for parents. For discipling I would get them one-on-one with either me or another leader. I would also make sure to spend time teaching them how to read the Bible, Theology, etc.
As the spiritual leader of your ministry, how are you going to help volunteers grow in their faith?
Have one on one meetings regularly with them. Read through books together. Do events/retreats.
Ministry Growth
What is your philosophy of ministry?
To exist to be a place where students can connect with God, mentors, and each other.
What was the most creative idea you introduced in your last ministry role? What steps did you take to implement that idea with leadership, volunteers, and families if applicable?
We relaunched Wednesday evening youth services after about 3 years of not having them. I spent time; recruiting leaders, making graphics, and designing monthly preaching calendars. I got support from leadership in announcing and redesigning the youth room I got support from volunteers in finding people to handle computer stuff, take pictures, and lead worship. I got support from families in bringing their students and bringing students that did not have people willing/able to give them a ride.
How would you evaluate systems and structures to see if there could be improvement?
See what is taking more time than it should. For example, at a previous church, the pastor did announcements straight from the stage. This took way more time than it should between people from the congregation interrupting, the pastor getting distracted, etc. So we switched to doing it via video on Sunday mornings then forwarding the video to church members. So if something is not being done efficiently we will figure out how to do it efficiently.
Give an example of a successful outreach program or event that you put together.
Right before COVID I held a super smash bros tournament. This was with a church plant so other than the pastor’s son we had no students. Due to advertising, we were able to get about 20 students in the tournament.
How would you deal with a teenager in trouble?
Talk with them on the phone and meet with them if possible. Figure out the root of the issue and pull it. With their permission tell their parents about the issue, obviously if it is something super serious I would tell the parents either way.
What goals have you set in the past for your ministry area. Did you accomplish them and if so, how did you accomplish them?
Build Community with students X 6/10. Start Youth leadership team Work on at start of 21/22 school year Recruit adult leaders X 6/10 Restart Wednesday evening services X 6/10 Increase biblical literacy X 6/10 Introduce students to basic apologetics arguments Go to camp 🙁 6/10 Camp filled up in March, impossible Have outreach events Social Needs events X 6/10 Six flags Shopping trip Bowling Game nights Physical Needs events Backpack drive Church offer tutoring? Meet where they are events Wednesday afternoon grill-out at park, invite to church that night. Scheduled for 8/4 Get students to take more initiative with inviting friends to church ½ 6/10 Numerically I would like to try and have about 13 students coming consistently before the 21/22 school year Have student-parent retreat (once COVID is over) 🙁 6/10 Probably gonna have to hold until Summer 22 6/10
Is there a process that you go through when choosing a platform for screening volunteers, curriculum choices?
Volunteers figuring out who in the church might be interested, who already interacts well with students, and opinions from staff and elders. ALWAYS DO BACKGROUND CHECKS. I prefer to write my own curriculum
What have you done in the past to ensure your church has a safe environment, including emergency procedures.
I have written a manual full of procedures.
How would you describe the ideal relationship between senior/lead pastor and student pastor?
One of mutual respect. First I want a lead who wants to disciple me intentionally. On the opposite side of that coin, I want a lead who respects that while I have a lot to learn there is still a lot that I do know.


Ryan Traver || (719) 529-0946 || [email protected]
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Philip Burchett || (972) 653-0298 || [email protected]
Dr Charity Kurz || (740) 504-8707 || [email protected]


Favorite Bible Story

Jesus heals the boy with the unclean spirit (Mark 9).

Favorite Scripture

1 Corinthians 13:4-8