Hi, I’m Jon-Michael Cake.

Berea, OH

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(440) 865-0450


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Grace C&MA Church
Director of Grace Kids


Ohio Christian University
BA in Ministry and Leadership

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Christian and Missionary Alliance

Years In Ministry

4 years




Leadership development/coaching, Teaching, Large event
execution, Training volunteers, Classroom management, Connecting with the kids and their families to best see how we can serve them

Tools & Software

ACS / Realm, Planning Center Online, ProPresenter


Wife: Heidi, married for 3 years

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Kid's Pastor Questionnaire Responses
Personal Info
Please share briefly how you became a Christian.
I grew up in a Christian home and attended a Christian school, so I aware of what I needed to do to become a Christian. However, I also knew that this needed to be personal choice and that I had to make the choice myself. When I was 8 years old we went on our only family vacation and on the way back from Disney there was a bad winter storm and we saw plenty of car accidents. That sent my mind thinking about where I wanted to spend eternity, so when I got home I asked my dad to pray with me to receive Christ as my Savior.
How would you describe yourself?
  • Fun
  • Serious
  • Motivational
  • Flexible
  • Inspirational
  • Loving
Personality Type
Enneagram: Type 2 but with wings I am a 2w3.
Myers Briggs: INFJ
Strength Deployment Inventory: Motivational Value System – HUB, Conflict Series – HUB
Tell me about some people (i.e. authors, mentors, and ministry leaders) that have had a big impact on you.
Sam Work was one of the first people to sit me down and talk with me about going into vocational ministry.
Scott Lessing at the time that I met him was the children’s ministry pastor and mentored me through my internship and the next 3 years of full time ministry.
Nancy Gillentine was the children’s ministry director after Scott and she helped me see things differently. She was one that also helped me find confidence in the abilities that God has given me.
Craig Groeschel, Judah Smith and Tim Keller have been Pastors and Authors that have caused me to take a deeper look into my relationship with God.
How do you plan to engage and inform parents or guardians about your ministry objectives and progress?
I would set up a yearly meeting with the parents/guardians to talk about the objectives, progress and vision of the ministry. I would also instill check-ins on a quarterly basis via social media. Finally, if there are more urgent matters that need addressed, I would send out a detailed email with the accurate information that the parents need.
Tell me about a time when you developed a new team of volunteers into a strong working group. What did you do?
We created a PreTeen Ministry (4th-6th) and needed a new group of volunteers specifically for this group. We had meetings once month for 6 months to talk about the vision and objectives for this age group. We also decided that we wanted a worship team for the PreTeens. With that came meetings mostly about worship rehearsal times, song list, and scheduling of the worship team. As a result the team has helped create a very open and honest environment where the PreTeens are thriving.
How would you alleviate the confusion when you are communicating with volunteers and it becomes apparent that they don’t understand what you’re saying or vice versa?
If my communication with the volunteers is confusing there are a couple of ways that I would address the confusion to alleviate the confusion: first, if it is a single person coming to me confused, I would ask questions to them and see how they were reading or hearing what I said or wrote. Then, if people kept coming to me with confusion and I would see that it was a greater problem that I caused. To alleviate confusion, I would send out a clarifying email to all of the volunteers.
Spiritual Growth
Once you lead a student/child to Christ, how do you communicate their decision to their parents? Once a child accepts Christ as their Savior, how do you begin discipling them?
When a child gives their life to Christ I call their parent and talk with them about the decision that their child made. I worked in a large church setting so when a child would give their life to Christ I would 1. help equip the parents to have conversations with their kids to take their relationships deeper and 2. connect the child and parents/guardians with one of our volunteers to have the volunteer disciple the child.
As the spiritual leader of the children’s ministry, how are you going to help volunteers grow in their faith?
One thing that I would do to help the spiritual growth of the volunteers is to have heart checks with each volunteer. A heart check is a quick check-in with them to see how they are doing. Making sure that they are in God’s Word daily, they are going to service on Sundays, what God is doing through them, if they are not in a small group helping them see the value of being part of small group and getting them connected with a group.
Ministry Growth
Share with me what you would do to deal with a fast-paced, always changing environment. Have you had this experience in a previous position?
Working in Children’s Ministry every Sunday is a fast-paced and always changing environment, so you need to know how to handle it with patience and grace. Managing this type of environment was a large part of my previous role and I had to adapt quickly. I have best dealt with the fast-paced environment by setting up systems for Sundays and Wednesdays and training up the volunteers to be able to help set up for Sundays and Wednesdays and some of the small things for those days. For me personally I get to the church very early in the morning, on Sundays, to make sure technology is working properly, that the rooms are set up correctly, and looking over the what volunteers are expected to be here and which ones are not.
How would you evaluate systems and structures to see if there could be improvement?
I would use a SWOT analysis to evaluate the systems and structures to see where improvements can be made. We would use this in the children’s ministry and I found it to be an effective tool for helping bring about improvements.
What was the most creative idea you introduced in your last ministry role? What steps did you take to implement that idea with leadership, volunteers, and families if applicable?

I would say that the most creative idea that I introduced in my last ministry role was starting a PreTeen ministry. The executive team at the church plus the middle school pastor and myself decided that the 6th grade class would be best suited not in the middle school. I was tasked with coming up with a creative idea to introduce the decision to bring the 6th grade out of the middle school and back into the children’s ministry. After doing some research I noticed that there were a few churches out there that have started a PreTeen ministry, so I decided to reach out to the ministry leaders and gather information. I also did some reading and research on the cognitive development of PreTeens. I presented this information to the staff and received overwhelming support to start the ministry. I sat down with the student ministry worship pastor to set up a worship team for the PreTeen ministry specifically and work with the Worship Tech pastor to train the kids on how to run sound and slides. The next step was to bring it to the parents at an informational meeting. After that meeting it was time to move onto recruiting volunteers for the ministry.

What goals have you set in the past for your ministry area. Did you accomplish them and if so, how did you accomplish them?
Some of the goals that I had set in my time at Grace Church were to eliminate 7 different curriculums the elementary area was using and find 1 curriculum for Sunday and 1 curriculum for Wednesday. This goal was accomplished with the help of the GraceKids staff and volunteers thoroughly looking through curriculums. Another goal was to eliminate the current (at the time) bible memory program (learning verses for cash) to create a new memorization program. We did not quite accomplish that goal before I left and it is was taken up by the GraceKids staff. Casting vision every year, at a vision dinner, so that the families and volunteers would know the direction in which the ministry was going. Yearly goals would be set up and I would break them down into quarterly “rocks”. By setting up quarterly rocks it helps keep you on task and not fall into the out of sight out of mind mentality.

What would it take to grow a children’s/youth program?
For the children’s ministry to grow the children’s ministry, myself, and volunteers would need to foster a healthy, fun, safe, and clean environment. We would also host various outreach events, have a strong social media presence, and host workshops and seminars for parents/guardians.
Children come to church with specialized needs, different learning styles, and family stresses. Do you have a strategy to provide significant ministry to meet these needs?
I have found in the time that I have been working in children’s ministry is that you need to know people and their gifting. Not every kid is the same and so a strategy that I had at while at Grace was to contact the parents and either set up an in person meeting or one over the phone at the first sign of a specialized need for a kid. I would talk with them and see if there is any information that they would be willing share in how they meet those needs at home or at school and if there is anyway that we could help with that. If a child needed more one on one attention I would immediately reach out to my volunteers and see if they knew of anyone that would be willing to sit with this child on Sundays or Wednesdays. If there were family stresses I would meet with the families to see how we come alongside them. Family stresses are wide ranging so we would assess what is going and see what could be done to help. As far as reaching the different learning styles of the kids we would incorporate visual learning, with quick lessons and then bring a game in that would go along with the lesson.
Describe the diversity of some of the ministries with which you’ve worked. …races, income levels, perspectives. Were there challenges that caused you to change your ministry approach?
At Grace Church you had every socioeconomic status represented, a growing racial diversity, and would see challenging family situations every year in our church. There were definitely challenges with each and every circumstance. Sometimes I would work alongside other ministry leaders that had connections in the county to help parents/guardians get the help that they would need. For instance with 3 siblings that had grown up in a home with recovering drug addicts and alcoholics the kids displayed signs of mental health issues. Fortunately, we had a ministry leader that had county connections that allowed the family to get that help for free. While those kids were at church we would have them with volunteers that they best connected with so Sundays would be a more pleasant atmosphere for them.
Is there a process that you go through when choosing a platform for screening volunteers, curriculum choices?
When I came into my role the process for choosing the platform for screening volunteers had already been done. However, we did start to look elsewhere so we looked at all of the data between the platform we were currently using versus a few new potential platforms. We ended up deciding to switch to a new platform. When it came to choosing a new curriculum the children’s ministry team would meet and talk about different curriculums and gather as much information as we could about each curriculum. We would bring all of that information to at the GraceKids Leadership team and have them help us evaluate the curriculum. We would evaluate the curriculum based on the vision that was laid out for the ministry.
What have you done in the past to ensure your church has a safe environment for children, including emergency procedures.
Some of the things that I did to help ensure we had a safe environment for children were having all volunteers do ministry safe training, continuously do background checks, set up active threat training on a bi-annual basis for both the volunteers and parents, and yearly reevaluating the check-in and check-out procedures. Would meet with my direct supervisor and at times the executive team about redesigning the children’s area to be able to have the ability to lock that are down to only parents/guardians.


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Favorite Bible Story

The Story of Hosea and Gomer

Favorite Scripture

Exodus 14:14