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Hi, I’m Josh Berg.

Mitchell, SD

Phone Number

(605) 999-5058


[email protected]


Mitchell Wesleyan Church
Director of Worship


Liberty University, Lynchburg
BS in Religion



Years In Ministry

7 years


Tenor, Bariton, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Keys & Piano


Front of House Engineering, Studio Sound Engineering, Composition/Song Writing, Loops & Multitracks, Video Capture & Editing

Tools & Software

ProPresenter, Planning Center, Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, GarageBand


Wife: Sarah (4 years)
Kids: Reyma (3), Atticus (2)
Personality: INTJ

Top 3 Strengths

Strategic Thinking0%



Philosophy of Worship
What is your philosophy of worship?

The bottom line for my philosophy of worship is that I want to be speaking truth at the end of the day. I’m not interested in trying to conjure or force an emotional experience for everyone for it’s own sake. Rather, I allow my convictions based off what I know from scripture to guide my response in worship which is connected to how I both think and feel towards the Lord. I want to sing songs that bring a full picture of the gospel and hit different aspects of both Gods nature, as well as our response to him. I often notice contemporary bands sometimes fall into the trap of doing songs that are overly meditative and exclusively reflecting on the self. Or more traditional bands are sometimes lacking in a musical intuition that allows them to sound more authentic in worship. My ideal in worship is learning how to balance a lot of these issues and honoring the Lord by doing everything in excellence and helping to lower the barriers of entry for everyone in worship

Ideal Relationship with Lead Pastor
How would you describe the ideal relationship between senior/lead pastor and worship leader?

I think the ideal is identified just as much by what it contains, as it is by what it absent from it. By that I mean to say that the ideal relationship would be full of trust and clear communication, and lacking in micro management. That when there is a problem it will be addressed, and not sat on to build a case. That there would be clear boundaries where the Pastor isn’t making choices for the worship leaders personal life, but has the room to provide Godly advice given the existing trust and relationship built between the two. The Pastor and worship leader also need to share core values and vision for the church. The more similar their values are, then the easier it will be to build trust.


Steve Sibson || (605) 999-1536 || Email
Chris Nebelsick || (605) 770-1565 || [email protected]
Bryan Pohlen || (605) 999-4397 || [email protected]
Larry Downey || (918) 282-7907 || [email protected]
Favorite Worship Song

Living Hope

Phil Wickham

Favorite Scripture

Romans 12:1-2