Minooka, IL

Quick Facts

Church Attendance: 200

Worship Style: Modern

Affiliation: Converge MidAmerica


``Transformed Lives, Renewed Communities.``

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Grace Bible Church

Biblical Teaching0%

The relationships and community.0%

80 years of history in our community.0%

What We're Looking For

Grace Bible Church is located in the town of Minooka, IL, about 15 miles outside of Joliet, IL. The church is led by Lead Pastor Nick Dedetsinas who became the lead pastor about 1 year ago, and has been serving at the church for 8 years in other roles. The church currently has one Sunday morning service at 9:30a. This service offers a contemporary style. Attendance currently runs around 200 each Sunday for their worship service. 


Grace Bible moved from Shorewood, IL to Minooka in 2006.  They built phase one in an area where neighborhoods were slated to be built.  Because of the housing market crash from 2007-2012, none of these housing developments were built, leaving Grace Bible Church alone in the middle of fields.  They will be returning to their location in Shorewood in March and are finishing the renovations there to be ready.  


Grace Bible Church is seeking a full-time Creative Arts Director who will join us in furthering our vision statement of Transformed Lives, Renewed Communities. He will lead the congregation to a heart of worship that is honoring to God and bring to life the elements of worship in its many forms. This includes leading the production team, recruiting/scheduling/organizing worship teams for all services, and producing special music events. He will also serve as a spiritual leader to those involved with the musical worship teams and the congregation at large. Working in partnership with the other Pastors and Elders he will be responsible to help us fulfill our vision, priorities, and strategy.  


Below are the requirements and responsibilities Froot Group has identified for this role:




  • Create and develop a theology of worship at Grace Bible Church
  • Lead the congregation and worship team to use their voices and instruments to worship God consistently and effectively
  • Strategize with the preacher to ensure that there is a central theme in every Sunday morning service that is based around God’s Word.
  • Responsible for choosing songs that are biblically sound.
  • Participate in all aspects of congregational life including but not limited to small groups, evangelism, service projects, and leadership training. We want you and your family to be apart of this church family.
  • Produce special worship events or musically oriented outreach events in line with our vision and strategy.



  • Create an environment for worship on Sunday mornings that is both professional and honoring to God.
  • Plan the Sunday morning service by creating smooth transitions, keeping track of time, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.
  • Responsible for operating and managing a team that will work the tech booth and sound system.
  • Lead a team that will design the stage.


Promotion and Video

  • Responsible for creating the graphics and branding for Grace Bible Church.
  • Maintain the churches website.
  • Lead a team to schedule promotion on social media, website, and screens around the church.
  • Responsible for making Grace Bible Church look professional.


Developing Leaders

  • Empowering leaders of all ages to be the best they can be in the gifting that God has given to them.
  • Utilize both men and women on stage to worship their Creator and lead the congregation in worship.
  • Develop a strategy to train the youth to use their musical capability to serve the Lord.


Oversee Operations

  • Oversee the budget for creative arts at Grace.
  • Ensure that the structure established for undergirding the creative arts is effective and consistent with the church-wide operations. 



The leader of this ministry:

  •  Must embrace the heart of the vision of Grace Bible Church.
  • Must show evidence of a growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  • Must be a servant leader.
  • Must show humility.
  • Must love and have a passion for enriching the lives of children and students and their families.
  • Must be team-oriented. 
  • Must demonstrate the leadership ability to design, implement and mature ministries that honor our Lord. 
  • Must be able to make effective, consultative and proactive decisions.

Reports to: Lead Pastor

Where to Find Us

  1. Yes I Will

  2. O Come to the Altar

  3. Scandal of Grace

  4. Set Your Rule

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