Hi, I’m Ethan Simpson.

Lansing, MI

Phone Number

(517) 648-1042


[email protected]


South Church
AV Coordinator


Some College



Years In Ministry

14 years


Tenor, Baritone, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums


Web Design, Extensive AVL background, live-streaming, some graphic design, IT

Tools & Software

ProPresenter, Planning Center, Easy Worship, PowerPoint, Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools


Wife: Amanda (5 years)
Kids: Kyle (6 months old)
Personality: ENFJ

Top 3 Strengths




Philosophy of Worship
What is your philosophy of worship?

At its core, worship is intimacy. We were created as beings, walking in the garden with God. The result of the fall was our expulsion from the garden and the veil divided the holy place from the Holy of Holies. The work of the cross and the message of the gospel, is that Christ paid the price, tore the veil and acts as our mediator and high priest, bringing man back into a place of intimacy with God. The purpose of corporate worship under the new covenant is 2 fold. To remind and reinforce within us, the truth of the Word; and to give glory to God as the body uses and lives in the free access to the throne, which was won for us at the cross.

Ideal Relationship with Lead Pastor
How would you describe the ideal relationship between senior/lead pastor and worship leader?

Working closely to determine the direction we want to go and the pace at which we move.


Joe Bridger || (806) 202-4955 || [email protected]
Chrissy Davis || (503) 857-2002 || [email protected]
Peter Mattioli || (262) 443-9681 || [email protected]
Austin Harr || (616) 902-1888 || [email protected]
Favorite Worship Song

Echo Holy

Red Rocks Worship

Favorite Scripture

Proverbs 16:9