Hi, I’m Dawson Campbell.

Lake Charles, LA

Phone Number

(864) 380-0168


[email protected]


Open Door Baptist Church
Lead Youth Pastor


Carson-Newman University
BA in Ministry Studies

Church Affiliation


Years In Ministry

2 years




Relationship building and connections, Teaching / Preaching, Leadership/ leadership development of volunteer leaders

Tools & Software

Microsoft Office Suite, Planning Center Online, ProPresenter, Final Cut Pro


Wife: Elena - Married 1 year

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Social/People Skills0%


Student Pastor Questionnaire Responses
Personal Info
Please share briefly how you became a Christian.
I was attending a youth conference in 2006 and the pastor was preaching about sacrifice and what it meant for Jesus to die for us. At that moment, I knew that I needed Jesus in my life and to save me from the sins that I had committed. I knew that I had no other hope but Jesus. E
How would you describe yourself?
  • Fun
  • Flexible
  • Inspirational
  • Loving
Personality Type
Tell me about some people (i.e. authors, mentors, and ministry leaders) that have had a big impact on you.
I’ve always had coaches that have poured into my life. When I find a mentor I gravitate toward people that are blunt and help me workout my thoughts. I enjoy when my mentors would tell me the reality of my situation.

When it comes to favorite authors, I enjoy a Oswald Sanders and his daily devotionals. I also am deeply impacted by Oswald Chambers’ book on Spiritual Leadership. I pull from that book every day.

How do you plan to engage and inform parents or guardians about your ministry objectives and progress?
I enjoy posting on social media to build hype for the next week and to recap the week before. Also, the community I’m in is small, so many of the events I do bring many eyes to see how the ministry operates and interacts with students.

There is also weekly announcements that are played before service and after service both Wednesday’s and Sundays.

Tell me about a time when you developed a new team of volunteers into a strong working group. What did you do?
The group I have now never was a part of a youth group. The adult leaders would go through a workbook and they would average around 10-15 kids. When I was able to take over, I taught the leaders to just be authentic and kids will flock to them. No longer did the adults have to act like something they weren’t. The adults could be themselves and build real relationships with the kids that have blossomed to kids going to leaders for help on issues! Also, I taught the adult leaders to communicate and ask questions. There is nothing wrong with asking why I made a decision or why I changed the way something was done. My leaders are my team and also my advisory committee.
How would you alleviate the confusion when you are communicating with volunteers and it becomes apparent that they don’t understand what you’re saying or vice versa?
I ask a lot of questions to help me understand. Assuming motives or thoughts will get everyone in trouble. I discuss with leaders and I ask pointed questions to see the heart and the thought behind a difference in methodology. I also welcome questions no matter the decision to ensure all details and bases are covered.
Spiritual Growth
Once you lead a student/child to Christ, how do you communicate their decision to their parents? Once a child accepts Christ as their Savior, how do you begin discipling them?
We first ask the child if they are going to tell their parents (for the most part they do). We also fill out a connection card so that we can follow up with the student. We have just now started to give kids Bibles when they accept Christ so that they undoubtedly have a Bible. I enjoy taking the older kids out to eat and having meaningful conversations with them about their faith. There was a time to where groups of students and leaders would group up on the Bible app and read plans together. We always check in with the students so that they feel that they are cared for and prayed for.
As the spiritual leader of your ministry, how are you going to help volunteers grow in their faith?
I always love conversation. Much of the group message (if they aren’t making fun of each other) is talking about the lesson for Wednesday night. The leaders read on the Bible app and invite each other to plans and study the scripture that they are going to have a small group over during service.
Ministry Growth
What is your philosophy of ministry?
To build a real and authentic believer that can lean on their faith in Christ.
What was the most creative idea you introduced in your last ministry role? What steps did you take to implement that idea with leadership, volunteers, and families if applicable?
(Specifically for the boys in the youth group)
A lot of the students wanted something fun to do on the weekends, so we started to play airsoft (plastic bb guns). What started out with 8 kids has now grown to almost 30! Our church has a generous chunk of land that we team up and play on. So many new students have come because of airsoft and have stayed with us because they felt welcome.I simply asked the leaders to try it once with me. It only took them one game to be hooked and have them constantly send me new ideas for a map or new ideas to reach more kids. The parents love to see their kids come home tired and tattered by bbs.
How would you evaluate systems and structures to see if there could be improvement?
I first don’t change a thing and see how things operate. There may be an efficient system in place that would not need to be changed. Second I start to ask questions and see the reasons behind doing something. I’d ask the leaders and other staff to see why things are done the way they are. I would then research and rack my brain to see other ways of maybe doing something better. Then I implement that new system or reaffirm the necessity of that system.
Give an example of a successful outreach program or event that you put together.
When I first arrived at my church, there was only 15 youth. One of the early events I did was called the “Disney Gauntlet.” This was a very long event with Disney themed games and it brought many new faces from the community. I put in a time for Bible study and I preached the Gospel. That night 5 kids gave their lives to Christ and have stuck with our group ever since. I had full buy-in from my leaders and from the parents that helped.
How would you deal with a teenager in trouble?
Build a relationship and give them time. Many teens in trouble just want to fit in or feel like they matter to someone. I have learned to just show up and be there. Doesn’t mean every conversation is spiritual but its about building that trust to sneak in truth that will save them.
What goals have you set in the past for your ministry area. Did you accomplish them and if so, how did you accomplish them?
I initially wanted to consistently run 50 kids by the end of my first year at ODBC. By the end of my first year, we were there with ease! It all changed when I got into the school by coaching football and by making relationships with kids that didn’t even go to my church. My leaders lead the small groups, I preach, then I would coach. Many kids would see me on a Friday night coaching and want to see what my group was about.
Is there a process that you go through when choosing a platform for screening volunteers, curriculum choices?
When screening volunteers I like t0 build a mental file. I ask other staff members questions about that person and I intentionally have conversations with that person. I hear their heart and I look to where they can be spiritually not where they currently are now.

We don’t have Sunday school or life groups so I haven’t had to pick a curriculum… I would like to say that I would pick something that is relevant to the direction of the youth group. I would choose something that is meaningful and stretches the minds of the students.

What have you done in the past to ensure your church has a safe environment, including emergency procedures.
If there is an event happening, there is someone first aid/cpr certified. Also, students sign waivers each year that cover for 365 days. I always have adults placed at key places to make sure kids that go into the bathroom actually come out.
How would you describe the ideal relationship between senior/lead pastor and student pastor?
I would love a pastor that invests in my and wants me to succeed. I would not like a micromanager but someone who asks what I’m doing and give feedback to the idea. I’d love to play golf with my pastor (or just be able to have a good relationship). I’d love to be treated like a friend and not a lower being on the totem pole.


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Favorite Bible Story

Jacob wrestles with God

Favorite Scripture

Philippians 4:6-7