Hi, I’m Blake Welhouse.

Appleton, WI

Phone Number

(920) 851-1857


[email protected]


Appleton Alliance Church
Worship Arts Assistant


Grand Canyon University
Currently Enrolled

Church Affiliation


Years In Ministry

5 years


Tenor, Baritone, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Keys & Piano


Loops & Multi-tracks, Teaching, Composition, Content Creation, Lighting, Audio, Broadcast Mixing & Setup, Church Planting, Choir

Tools & Software

ProPresenter, Planning Center, PowerPoint, Ableton, Logic, Finale, GarageBand


Wife: Katie Grace - married 2020
Personality: ISFP

Top 3 Strengths




Philosophy of Worship
What is your philosophy of worship?

My philosophy for Worship can be broken down to 4 values.

People – Volunteers keep a worship ministry running. We need to make sure that their spiritual health is good and they are well taken care of.

Character – Our character should always reflect what we promote!

Christ – Christ should be the center of our ministry and everything that we do in the church.

Craft – God has given us our craft, we should honor him by always perfecting and growing in whatever we do!

Ideal Relationship with Lead Pastor
How would you describe the ideal relationship between senior/lead pastor and worship leader?

My ideal relationship between a Senior Pastor and a Worship leader is very cooperative. Being able to communicate well with each other so that they can produce the best service possible for the congregation while being able to keep Christ at the center of it all. The Senior Pastor should feel comfortable and confident that their Worship Leader can adjust to spontaneity and trust in the organization of the service. At the end of the day, the Senior Pastor would have the final call: But the dynamic between them should be one of trust and cooperation.


Josiah Lewis || 253.534.5363 || [email protected]
Tim Handrich || 920.540.5576 || [email protected]
Isac Evenson || 507.829.8794 || [email protected]
Collin Probst || 309.706.2624 || [email protected]
Favorite Worship Song


Favorite Scripture

Jeremiah 17:8