Hi, I’m Adam Glass.

Orlando, FL

Phone Number

(352) 801-9120


[email protected]


CrossLife Church
Worship Intern


High School Diploma

Church Affiliation

Southern Baptist Convention

Years In Ministry

3 years


Tenor, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar


Multi-tracks, Some Sound Engineering, Conducting

Tools & Software

ProPresenter, Planning Center, Media Shout, PowerPoint, Ableton


Fiancé: Christa - Dating 3+ years
Personality: ISTP

Top 3 Strengths




Philosophy of Worship
What is your philosophy of worship?


Individually: At its most basic definition worship is the act of ascribing worth to someone or something. Therefore, Christian biblical worship is the act of a believer ascribing worth to God and demonstrating that in his personal conduct. This concludes that worship is performed by living a life of surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


Corporately: It is a time for the believers sincere and spirit empowered response to Who God Is and what He’s done through the redemptive act of Jesus Christ on the cross. Displayed through the telling of the Christ story reading and teaching of scripture, the Lord’s table, prayer, and singing of songs.

Ideal Relationship with Lead Pastor
How would you describe the ideal relationship between senior/lead pastor and worship leader?

A pastor is the man who God has entrusted with setting a vision for a congregation. as worship pastor it is my responsibility to help execute the vision God has given the lead pastor while being consistent and true to my personal mission statement which is: “To walk worthy of my calling by living a lifestyle of Worship. That I would plan and lead worship that is theologically sound, Spirit empowered, and engaging so that the Christ story is communicated simply and clearly for the edification of believers and the evangelization of the lost.”


Todd Burden || (704) 450-2042 || [email protected]
Patrick Henderson || (407) 761-2298 || [email protected]
Tim Johnson || (706) 969-4907 || [email protected]
Tim Dix || (229)-291-3706 || [email protected]

Favorite Worship Song

Christ Be Magnified

Cody Carnes

Favorite Scripture

Isaiah 26:3