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Our Team

AP FG Website Head
Alex Purtell


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Hello, I’m Alex Purtell, the founder of Froot Group. Ever since I became a Christian and started serving as a worship leader, my heart has always been for the church and for the incredible ministry of worship. I have seen the need for churches and worship leaders alike to have a simple and easy way to quickly connect when looking to fill a position in the church.  After meeting with several pastors and worship leaders about this idea, I knew that I needed to take the next step and make this happen for churches and worship leaders across the country. As a graduate from Cedarville University with a degree in Worship, and as a worship leader myself for over a decade, I understand the difficulties of trying to find a job. I’ve been there myself. At Froot Group, this is what we’re devoted to – placing candidates and helping fill open positions quickly.  I strive to make Froot Group relevant and customer service driven. My main responsibility is to keep Froot Group competitive through strategic planning, training and management of daily operations. I bring energy, care and drive to everything I do by focusing on people and partnerships. Let me help you spend less time stressing and more time doing what you’re called to do: producing fruit for God. Please take a few minutes and fill out our questionnaire so we can get the process started. I look forward to personally working with you!

MJ FG Website Body
Meggan Jacobus

Staffing Manager

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Hello, I’m Meggan Jacobus and I am the Staffing Manager for Froot Group. My passion for marketing and business development began in college while attending Franklin University. My expertise spans many facets of business from human relations, to business development (marketing, project management, social media, etc.). Having worked as a worship facilities coordinator for more than a dozen years, I recognize the unique needs of churches and worship staff. While working at the church, I also realized my passion for being resourceful and helping people realize their full potential. I have a track record of succeeding and the ability to build loyal client and candidate relationships. I pride myself with putting the best candidate in the most productive climate for their skills and personality, while watching them make a difference for the clients we serve. I want to make your life easier – whether that’s helping you find your next job, or matching you up with a stellar staff member. I look forward to working with you!

Dave Feltman

Search Coach

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Hello, I’m Dave Feltman and I am a Search Coach at Froot Group.  I have been a full-time worship pastor for 20 years serving at several churches throughout the Midwest.  I earned by B.A. in Music from Central Bible College in Springfield, MO.  With a desire to sharpen my skills as a leader, I later completed my M.A. in Ministry (focusing on worship) and my Ph.D. in Theology (focusing on leadership).

I have lead worship programs on both a state and national level.  I served as the North-East Regional Director for the Assemblies of God music department, and also the Mid-West Regional Director – this included being part of the National Committee for Worship with the purpose to guide and resources worship leaders in churches of all sizes.

During the last 6 years, I have served as Executive Pastor.  I oversaw the entire staff and gave instruction to help my team to keep everyone moving forward together in the overall vision of the church.  This included annual calendar planning, budgeting, staff recruitment, and goal setting.

As Creative Director of Services, I have been responsible in many different roles.  I’ve chosen songs for sermons, themes, and special occasions, set up for multiple services each week, written, captured, and edited more than a thousand videos of various styles and purposes, featured actors and songs to transport people to another time and place, set up and programmed lights for services and special events, and insured that every element is in place and works together.   

I am excited to combine my leadership skills and musical experience to help match churches with the right staff person that will not only lead the congregation in authentic worship, but will also support and expand the vision of the lead pastor and church.

APA FG Website Body
Abbie Patzke

Booking Coordinator

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Hello, I’m Abbie Patzke and I am the Booking Coordinator at Froot Group. I collaborate with clients to schedule and book events for the talented worship artists we represent. With a degree in Social Work from Cedarville University, I am consistently working with people and connecting them with resources to meet their needs. I am able to utilize this skill-set in my work with clients, and I am enthusiastic about advancing Froot Group’s goal of reaching our culture through worship. My background enables me to relate to people of all ages, and to listen to each client and the unique needs that they have. Have an event that you need a worship leader? Contact me and I will be happy to help. We can’t wait to worship with you!

Derek Harsch

Marketing Director

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Hello! My name is Derek Harsch, and I am the Marketing Director here at Froot Group. I can remember at a very early age attending church Sundays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Growing up in the church, I was very heavily involved in youth group and youth camps and later became part of our worship team as a worship leader! I truly don’t know where I would be without Jesus and the local church. For the past 5 years I have been working at churches in various positions such as worship leader and social media coordinator.  I am also very passionate about reaching the next person and helping them find the perfect church position through all our social media platforms! If you have any questions don’t ever hesitate to reach out! Looking forward to working with you.

Stacey Windover

Guest Experience Consultant

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Hi friends! I’m Stacey Windover and I am the Guest Experience Consultant at Froot Group! It has been reported from several different studies that people decide whether or not to return to a church in the first 1 to 7 minutes of arriving on campus. In that time, they usually haven’t heard the music or the message, but they have met the people!! I have spent the past 6½ years building a team of incredible people who are focused on welcoming, informing, and serving each guest and helping them take their next step to getting connected in a group or on a serving team at an amazing church in Dallas, Georgia. I have a huge heart for people, period! I am so excited to join the Froot Group team! As a Guest Experience Consultant, my passion is to help churches create an amazing first impression where guests feel welcomed, noticed, and loved all while experiencing Jesus in a way they have never experienced Him before! I would love to help you create an incredible strategy! I can’t wait to meet you!

Gabe Gibitz

Client Relations Coordinator

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Hi, I’m Gabe Gibitz, and I am the Client Relations Coordinator at Froot Group! My ultimate goal is to understand how we at Froot Group can best walk with you and your church in your search for a new worship leader. I have been leading worship and writing songs for 15 years, and I love shaping how the church worships through worship leading, teaching, discipling and songwriting. I earned a B.A. in Theological studies from Saint Louis University and went on to complete my M.Div. from Asbury Theological Seminary. I worked in marketing at Asbury University after seminary, accruing 10,000+ hours of marketing and project management experience. While I work in and love the creative industry, my heart beats to see worship and prayer spread revival across this entire world. I have been married to my incredible wife, Abbie, for 11 years, and we have two kids, Parker and Mackenzie. We live in the heart of Kentucky with our Keeshond, Toby.